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Is my device eligible for a repair?

The repair technicians on currently take care the models and devices that are listed in the repair section of the website. more specifically, these models are eligible for a repair:

If your device is not in that list, it is not currently eligible for a repair

Is my location eligible for a repair?

There must be a repair technicians near your home. Once you have asked for a free quotation, you will can see who will repair your device: at what price and how close from your home or office.

How much will it cost me to have my smartphone or tablet repaired?

The price of your repair depends of our model's devices as well as the type of repair you need. Ask for a free quotation, no commitment, and you will get a precise idea of the cost of your repair.

In a shop, at home or via a mail-in service?

Repair techniances on Phonehubs currently take on three types of repairs:

  • Repair in a shop
  • Repair at home or at your office
  • Mail-in repair

When you receive a quotation, the type of repair will be notified to you along with the price and the whereabout, so you will have plenty of information to take your decision.

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Reparieren Sie Ihr Gerät

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Hilfe benötigt?

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